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Welcome to HeavyMusic.com guitar, amp and music equipment review pages. My name is Catfish. I haven’t updated this section in a while but after the email I received recently, I figured I should before the Christmas season so that people can make good buying decisions about their music equipment.

As you know, I play guitar in Dive Bomber and have been playing guitar for 22 years now. I worked for 7 years in two different music stores called Guitar Center and Guitar Trader. Both are here in San Diego. For all you old school San Diego guys, I worked at GC back on El Cajon Boulevard during the “Curt Toney” era…lol. Also worked under George Lampos for a while. And of coarse at Guitar Trader I worked for Dracula himself, the venerable and absolutely kick ass guitar player, Tom BeBe.

Anyway, I have sold a lot of guitars, amplifiers, bass guitars, guitar effects processors, cabinets, heads, strings, picks, pa systems, pro audio gear and even drums during my time in music retail. I have also attended 6 winter NAMM shows in LA. So I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of things in the industry and PLAY A LOT OF GUITARS. So, I thought it would be a good reference for people who are interested in buying a guitar online to make some pages about my experiences working in music retail as well as playing in a band since 1991. By doing so, I am also using affiliate links to generate revenue for the release of our new CD, “Pinups and Parachutes”.

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Anything in these pages are just my opinion, but hopefully they might be useful to you as they have been for some other guitar players. I am going to show you an email I received recently that really motivated me to update these pages. Hopefully this information helps you to make a better buying decision with regard to purchasing music equipment, especially guitars, online and getting the right gear for what you want to do. Additionally, we thank you for any purchase that you might make through our links as the commission helps to support Dive Bomber. Thanks again and good luck finding your new guitar!


2 thoughts on “Electric Guitar Reviews

  1. I wanted to thank your band for having information about guitars on your website. Your information helped me find a Gibson LP Supreme in a color that is near impossible to find…wine red. It was because of your website that I found the guitar. THANKS!!!

    • Some people stay with one brand otehrs play different ones. The biggest electric guitar brands are gibson,fender,ibanez,gretsch. If you want one that is like a fender go for a squier as it is cheaper. If you want one that is like a gibson go for an epiphone for the same reason. They are made by the same companies as the big names and are of pretty decent quality.

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