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ESP Guitars – Eletric Guitars by the ESP
like the Eclipse II, Viper & the Kirk Hammett KH2

ESP Electric Guitars For SALE Online!

Hello. My name is Catfish. Thank you for visiting my page about ESP Guitars. I had the opportunity to briefly sell ESP guitars during my last stint at Guitar Trader. I really like the mid priced ESPs and the high end guitars compare nicely with Jacksons. A lot of high profile heavy metal players use ESP guitars including the membes of Metallica, Megadeth, George Lynch, Gwar, Machine Head, Ministry and tons more. There are a lot of different models of ESP guitars, most are either in the custom, standard or signature series. The ones that I had an opportunity to play that I liked the most were the Esp Viper custom guitar, the Eclipse II, and the ESP MII.

Obviously I like Les Pauls so I immediately gravitated towards the Eclipse II. It’s a set-neck Les Paulish shaped guitar with a 24.75” scale and a mahogany body. The balance was a little different than the Les Paul but I found it very easy to play and I imagine many people would perfer the action of this guitar to a traditional Les Paul. It makes a great alternative at a much more reasonable price. And it’s got a lot of quality bells and whistles like an ebony fingerboard with flag inlays, a Seymour Duncan JB/59 zebra pickup set or EMG 81/60 active pickups with Sperzel locking tuners and a Gotoh tune-o-matic bridge. It’s an excellent instrument that should bridge the gap for a lot of people who like the deep thick tone of Les Paul but want something a little more comfortable with a little bit faster neck. I definately dig this guitar.

The other Gibsonish design that I played from ESP is a modern looking SG shaped guitar called the Viper. I liked it although not as much as the Eclipse but I thought it was a solid axe with good action and sounded pretty good although it wasn’t as thick sounding as the eclipse which I sorta prefer. It was a little lighter though and was very comfortable to play and it looks really cool. I actually think it looks cooler than the Eclipse which almost looks too much like a Les Paul. This design looks unique enough to stand on its own although the ancestry is obvious. Anyway, this is a cool guitar, especially in black with the same basic features as the Eclipse but shapped differently. A definate thumbs up.

The other ESP I played was the Kirk Hammett KHII Esp guitar which is one of the best ESP guitars on the market in my opinion. It plays lightning fast and sounds incredible thanks to the EMG 81s. I mean what can I say about this guitar except that it rocks. The name Metallica says everything that needs to be said about this guitar. The KH-603 model is the less expensive Les Paulish shaped model which is cool for the money. But the real deal is the Kirk Hammett KH2 with its dual EMG-81 pickups, the 24-fret fingerboard with ultra cool skull and crossbones pearl inlays and the original Floyd Rose bridge. This thing is one of the only strat body style guitars that I would be interested in playing live. If you can afford one, get it, you will be stoked.

There are many other excellent ESP guitars to check out but these are the ones that I liked the most of the ones we had on hand. If you would like to buy one online, here is the store I recommend that sells ESP electric guitars. I chose them because of their excellent return policy and good pricing. has a 45 day satisfaction guarantee as well as 45 day price guarantee.

Also, all the links on this page are affiliate links. That means, if you buy a ESP guitar (or any other guitar) as a result from a link from this page, Dive Bomber gets commission. We thank you very much for helping to support our band.

Here are the direct links to all the ESP electric guitars at and
All ESP Electric Guitars For Sale
ESP Electric Guitars from

I hope this page helps you buy your next ESP guitar worry free and at the best possible price.


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  1. A great over all electric to learn on is a Fender sasetoctrtar. If you don’t know how to play at all start with an acoustic it will make you a better all around player.I know many that can play electric but fumble with the acoustic.All people I know that can play the acoustic do well on the electric.Just make sure you by a quality acoustic that encourages you to play rather than frustrate you. There are some nice looking but cheap acoustics that can be a real bear to play.

  2. I SUGGEST GIBSON SG or FENDER STRATOCASTERFOR Beginners i would say dont buy an electric gatuir buy yourself first an acoustic gatuir Like YAMAHA,TAYLOR or Takemine But if you want an electric gatuir thats cheap,Great and has a great sound i would suggest SQUIERand when your buying strings i would suggest GHS BOOMERS LIGHT 10they have a great sound and they last longer than others

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